When I got sober, I didn’t want to tell anybody the truth. I lied instead, and I told people that I didn’t drink because I had "suddenly seen the light" and I was now into health and fitness. While this wasn’t entirely true, I can look back now and see how my addiction and my recovery were perfectly placed in my life to teach me lessons and to prepare me for things that were coming.

This show is part of that.

And while, yes, we will certainly be talking about food, diet and exercise, we are going to go deeper into the things we don’t often talk about but that are VITAL to our health---things that are often even REQUIRED if we are going to enjoy any real, lasting health and wellness in our lives. We are going to talk about shame. And grief. And pain. And mental illness. And addiction. And we are going to meet amazing experts who will show us what’s possible and how to get there. By TALKING.

I believe our secrets keep us sick.

I believe we are each other’s keepers.

And I want everyone to know that no matter where they are and no matter how it feels, they are never, ever alone.
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Created by Sarah Roberts
Author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge and creator of the
One Bite At A Time (OBAAT) Group Coaching Program and SarahTalksFood.Com
Season 2
Episode 14
Let's Talk Sleep!
We kicked off the season talking about a KEY tenet of our health...SLEEP!

I had sleep expert Andrew Holmes of Sleep Efficiency on to teach us how and why we need to prioritize it, as too often, we mistakenly believe that the less we sleep, the more we will accomplish. Not true! Andrew helped us understand all the ways sleep contributes to our health, success and happiness in life as well as what we need to watch out for to ensure our sleep quality.

Later in the show, I had Heather Sharpe, Sleep Consultant with Wee Sleep, to help both baby--and parents--establish better sleep routines so that everyone gets the rest they need to feel their best and create healthy habits for life.
Episode 15
Healthy Retirement.
In this episode of REALTalk, I sat down with Retirement Coach, Daniel Roy, who helped us see that retiring WELL is more than just having the financial side of things figured out, it's about the BIGGER picture! On this episode, we take a deep-dive into the 4 main pillars, as Daniel calls them: Relationships, Life Purpose, Health & Wellness and, of course Finances.

Come along and join us and be sure to have your notepad handy as Daniel shares his BEST tips to get us started on the road to a HEALTHY RETIREMENT!
Episode 16
Food Allergies
We talked food allergies on this episode of REALTalk With Sarah. Watch and learn as Bruce Bonner and Lori Preshing share their expertise and personal experience in order to help raise our awareness and heal our bodies if we are struggling with digestive issues, skin irritations, headaches, lack of energy, and general malaise. As Bruce points out, with 2.5-5 pounds of food going into our bodies daily, our health issues very likely could be associated with our diets!

Let's empower ourselves by better understanding our bodies' response and relationship to food.
Episode 17
On this episode of REALTalk, we went deep into the topic of infertility. If you or someone you care about has experienced a miscarriage, struggled to conceive, or is planning on having a family in the future, then you won't want to miss this episode! I sat down with Naturopathic Doctor, Priya Prakash and fertility expert Olga Salgado-Lacroix who shared their personal and professional expertise.

We truly hope it serves you.
Episode 18
As more of us are becoming caregivers to aging loved ones, we wanted to have an honest conversation about the impact caregiving can have on our health and what we can do to prepare ourselves better for this life event.

Pierrette Raymond and Sue Liko of Moving Forward Matters help us navigate this challenging time with more compassion, both for ourselves and our loved ones.
Episode 19
In this episode of REALTalk, we delved into the topic of Alzheimer’s disease with Melissa Snyder, PhD, of The Ottawa Memory Clinic, who helped us understand the disease better while also sharing the research being done to find a cure.

And later, naturopathic doctor Sarah Vadeboncoeur delved into the main dietary factors that can improve our overall brain function.

With more of us living longer, and with Alzheimer's being a "disease of the elderly", it's an important show that we hope you'll watch and share with your friends and loved ones.
Episode 20
The Garbage Crisis
In this episode of REALTalk, learn how we can ALL play our part in protecting and caring for our shared planet. I had Duncan Bury of Waste Watch Ottawa giving us an overview of the problem globally and locally, Nichole Hoover-Bienasz from The City Of Ottawa to de-mystify the recycling program and show us exactly what goes into each bin (sooo many surprises here!) and Nita Tandon, founder of Dalcini Stainless to explain why we need to avoid so much plastic (for our health) and ways we can do so easily.

It's a huge and important show and I really hope you take the time to watch!
Episode 21
Healthy Posture
How is your posture? Do you suffer with headaches? A sore back? Do you stoop when you stand? Do people tell you to “stop slouching?” On Sunday, we delved deep into the topic of healthy posture with kinesiologist and exercise physiologist Sarah Zahab of Continuum Fitness as she helps us correct poor posture, and later we learned the importance of foot health as well as choosing the proper shoes to set our kids up for a life of good posture when Ryan Grant of SoleFit shared his expertise. ​​​​​​​
Episode 22
Youth Mental Health
In this episode, we’ll cover what’s happening inside the minds of our young people and how can we support them as they grow up in the digital age. Natasha McBrearty From Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre, Dania Versailles from The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and John McKnight from The Youth Services Bureau are all here to help us navigate the important topic of mental health in our young people.​​​​​​​
Episode 23
Join Sarah and her guest Marie-Claire, “MC” Thauvette, as they walk through “sex through the years”, highlighting the challenges and opportunities to cultivate a healthy sex life at every stage of life. Note, this is an open discussion about sex and we will be using all of the proper terms. Viewer discretion is advised.
Episode 24
Women's Health
Hormones are like the CEO of our bodies and in this episode, we have naturopathic Doctor, Sarah Vadeboncoeur back on to help us understand the role of women’s hormones. We’ll walk through the various stages of a woman’s life, from pubescence to childbearing years, perimenopause and menopause. A must-watch for everyone, and especially women and parents of daughters.
Episode 25
Derick Fage stunned his fans when he publicly disclosed a very private health condition that rendered him fecally incontinent since birth. As a talk show host on live TV, this man’s bravery and courage to share his story has left an indelible impact on everyone who knows him, and if you or someone you know suffers with urinary or fecal incontinence, this show is a must-watch. Also on the show, Catherine Harley, CEO of Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy & Continence Canada (NSWOCC) to share the latest findings and research as well as pelvic floor physiotherapist, Jackie Pomeroy, from the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre (OIHC) to help us strengthen our pelvic floor. This show also marks the SEASON2 FINALE of REALTalk. Thank YOU for being part of these important conversations!
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Episode 1
Let's Talk Food!
REALTALK show premier!

My guests Natasha Villeneuve and Korey Kealey did an INCREDIBLE job of teaching us about food and health and how to make our lives easier in the kitchen.
Episode 2
Let's Move!
My guests--registered kinesiologist and exercise physiologist Sarah Zahab, and celebrity trainer, coach and author Tony Greco--did an AMAZING job of helping us to realize the importance of adding movement into our day if we want to have any real chance of enjoying health and vitality as we age.

I know that's important to me.

I believe it's important to you, too.
Episode 3
Mental Health + Our Hormones
My first guest, Elizabeth Eacrett, is an Occupational Therapist who does a great job informing us of this lesser known approach to improving our mental health and healing mental illness. She also shares her Top 5 Tips on improving our mental health.

Later in the show, I have the very pregnant (which I failed to mention on the show!) naturopathic doctor, Dr. Tanya Manikkam with me to share how our hormones play a HUGE role in our mental health. I thought I knew a lot about hormones. I was wrong. And after going for the BCB (Body Chemistry Balancing) test at NutriChem in Ottawa, I am blown away at how much more there is to learn about my health...by going DEEP! I mean, I eat well, I exercise regularly, I feel great most days, but I was shocked to learn what was going in inside of me that I'd have never known had I not experienced Dr. Manikkam and her team's work. I am so grateful I did, and we talk a bit about those findings on the show.

If you, or someone you love, struggles with mental illness or if you are looking for natural ways to improve your mental health, then you won't want to miss Episode 3 of REALTalk With Sarah.
Episode 4
Dealing With Our Inner Critic
I had Kylie Delfino, founder of Grace Love Peace, on REALTalk to share her incredible story and wisdom. In 2015, Kylie endured a near-death experience that catapulted her out of one life and on the path toward another one entirely. The lessons she learned have become her life's mission, and she teaches us ways we can silence our own inner critic when it otherwise wants to run the show.

If you struggle with nagging thoughts around worthiness or are seeking to cultivate a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, then you won't want to miss this episode.

Episode 5
Finding Our Life Purpose
In this episode of REALTalk, I had mindfulness coach and hypnotherapist Moira Hutchison with me to share her passion for helping people find their life purpose. She explains her process and also shares a powerful tool we can all use whenever we are struggling with feeling stuck in any area of our lives. Moira also generously offered up some lovely gifts on her website that will help you uncover your life purpose and begin to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance. Here is the link: https://wellnesswithmoira.com/realtalk. I also highly recommend booking a session with Moira to have a one-on-one opportunity to go deeper.

Later, Roger Deveau joined me to share how he found his life purpose and he explained why our brains will always want to fight us when making changes; but how we can push through to achieve our goals. It's powerful stuff you won't want to miss!
Episode 6
Let's Talk TRAUMA.
This episode, we covered a topic that isn't easy to talk about, but that my guests did an amazing job helping us to understand better. We talked about trauma.

This was the biggest thing I took away:

We ALL suffer trauma.

None of us gets a free pass. No one goes through life unaffected by it. Past wounds, hurts, big life events, deaths, accidents...it ALL plays a role and can even compound, causing us to behave and move in ways that feel protective, and yet are hindering our growth and stifling our true nature. Trauma can have us believing things about ourselves that negatively affect our health. It is imperative--if we want to live our best lives--that we heal our trauma.

The great thing is, there is not only ONE way to help ourselves heal. ALL of my guests believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to healing trauma, and on the show, we highlighted three ways: Cognitive (talk) therapy can be so helpful. Working with a therapist to get to the root causes and know that we are not failures; but that we have simply suffered INJURIES (I love how Dr. Jordan explained trauma like a hammer hitting us on the knee and us wanting to say "Why does my knee hurt? What's wrong with ME?...)

And then, Ryan Theriault, founder of Tranquil Acres Therapeutic Equestrian Centre shared how equine therapy works by using horses to help us create metaphors for the trauma we've experienced, and how horses are giant biofeedback machines who allow us to be who we really are.

And finally, Tara Hagan-Fields, owner of Fascial Connections Myofascial Release and Wellness Centre, explained what fascia is (it's EVERYWHERE!) and how we go into "fight or flight" when we suffer trauma, and how ALL trauma is stored in the body. So, if we want to live in healthier, less pained bodies, working through our trauma using myofascial release technique is a way to do that.

I really hope you watch this episode. It will help you understand trauma better and how you might be able to work through yours so that you can truly thrive.
Episode 7
Getting REAL on Relationships
This episode is all about relationships--both the one we have with ourselves and the ones we develop with our love partners. I thoroughly enjoyed deep-diving with Emotional Fitness Expert and Relationship Specialist, Marian Meade, who shared some fantastic tips and tools to help us deepen our relationship with ourselves and our partners. I also had Linda Miller, founder of Misty River Introductions who helped us understand what we REALLY need to be seeking in a love relationship, and it was fun to have Kate McNamara from A Date by Kate sharing her inventive and creative date ideas so that we can inject more playfulness into our relationships.
Episode 8
What a jam-packed hour this was! I had my favourite holistic nutritionist, Natasha Villeneuve, on to share her top tips on how we can all improve the complex and amazing bodily system of DIGESTION.

I learned a TON, and I know you will walk away with more tools and strategies to feel your very best.

I want that for me. And I want that for you, too.
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Episode 9
REALTalk about Grief.
It's not easy to lose a loved one. And grieving can be so painful. But what I've learned from the process of grieving is that we can do it in a way that honours our loved one...and affords us an opportunity to grow.

So many of you are handling the loss of a loved one (including your beloved pets) and I wanted to dedicate an entire hour to understanding the purpose of grief, how we can do it better, what we need to understand about ourselves and the process, and ways to truly move beyond grief. 

If you have lost a loved one and are struggling through the grieving process, then you won't want to miss it. I had grief expert Anne DeButte helping us navigate our way through grief and later, Marie-Lune Fortin helped us understand that grief is the evolution of one's soul as she shares her gifts as a channeler and healer.

I hope you are able to make time for this important episode.
Episode 10
REALTalk About Concussions.
On this episode of REALTalk, we covered the topic of traumatic brain injury. Specifically, in the form of a concussion. I am blown away by the number of people I know personally who have been affected by a traumatic brain injury, and so I wanted to share ways that people can identify, manage and heal from a CONCUSSION.

I had busy mom and entrepreneur Lisa Khera, owner of In Balance Pilates Studio with me to share her personal story of living through a concussion, along with Karen Monet, owner of Opticalm, who explained visual stress and also helps people navigate their way through early concussion symptoms.

We would love for you to watch this episode if you or a loved one has experienced a concussion, and I am so grateful to so many of you who have been sharing the show with others. We never know who might need the messages revealed in each episode.

Finding ways to serve others and assist them on a healing journey is my passion. I hope you'll continue to share the work of this show with others so that you, too, can assist those who may be struggling.
Episode 11
In this episode, I interview naturopathic doctor Sarah Vadeboncoeur. We talk about the ways stress impacts our lives. If you are secretly wondering if stress is at the root of your health concerns, then you will want to watch this episode where she shared hidden stressors, ways to manage stress, lessons on how we can all do better at avoiding becoming stressed, and we even learned ways that our daily diet and lifestyle habits are adding stress to our lives.

It's an insightful hour, and in this fast-paced world, we are ALL dealing with more stress than our bodies (and brains) can handle.

As we continue to raise our awareness around our own health, we can become inspirations to others who may also be struggling, and in this way, we can support one another towards better health and wellness in all of our lives.
Episode 12
REALTalk On Chronic Pain
On this episode of REALTalk, we tackled a topic that approximately 20% of the population is dealing with: chronic pain. I really can't believe the number of people in my own life who have at one time or another lived with chronic pain, and I wanted to spend the hour learning about the bio-psycho-social effects of pain, the stigma and shame that surround those suffering, medical support and non-traditional treatments, and the emotional aspects of pain.

I had Dr. Jeff Balon of the CPM Centres For Pain Management to help us understand the world of pain better, Roger Deveau to share his family's all-natural pain relief butter that has helped thousands of people over the past 7 years, and Marie-Lune Fortin to help us understand how our emotional pain and our physical pain are inextricably linked...and how to heal.

Part of the struggle for people living with pain is the stigma. Let's all remember to offer the gift of compassion towards those suffering. It can make all the difference.

It was another full hour, so I hope you can take the time to watch. Living with chronic pain is not easy, but there is so much hope out there.
Episode 13
REALTalk Season Finale - Season 1 Highlights
In the Season Finale of REALTalk With Sarah,I had my partner, Roger Deveau, on as my guest to take a walk down memory lane and pull out some of the highlights of each episode. We had so much fun!

I am so grateful to the many people who have reached out to let me know how much they've enjoyed the episodes. We have learned so much...together.

In the episode, I also start off sharing how the show came to be...it is quite the story!

Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts battled alcohol addiction for over a decade and got sober at the age of 29. She went on a personal journey towards wellness and now shares what she’s learned with others in order to help them create a lifestyle they love.

She is a certified health coach and the host of the television talk show, 
REALTalk With Sarah. She is also the founder of  The Healthy Brain and Body Show wellness expo, the author
of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge and the founder of the popular blog SarahTalksFood.com.

To connect with Sarah, find her on Facebook and Instagram @SarahTalksFood or send an email to Sarah@SarahTalksFood.com.
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